In the CTLpack group, values are the foundation on which our entire policy is based.

Engage and involve people within these values, we believe is a key factor. These values are:

In order to guarantee that these values are met, an Ethical Code has been approved. Here is a summary.


Fundamental rights

CTLpack and everyone who make up the company are committed to respecting in all activities the fundamental rights of individuals, including not employing minors, respecting freedom of association and transferring these demands to collaborating companies.


Respect for people

CTLpack is committed to the professional and personal development of its employees, promoting equal opportunities, through action policies, therefore not committing discrimination for reasons of sex, marital status, race, social condition etc…


Privacy and data protection

CTLpack undertakes to manage the personal data of its employees, customers, and suppliers, and in general, with full respect for their privacy and security, in order to comply with European regulations in this area.


Equal opportunities and no discrimination

All employees have the right and the obligation to get along with one another in a cordial, respectful and dignified manner. The heads of CTLpack must guarantee a working environment free of all kinds of harassment in all areas.


Health and safety

CTLpack expresses its interest in the prevention of work-related incidents and occupational diseases for all personnel working in its facilities, as well as in the improvement of Health and Safety at Work conditions.


Protection and care for corporative brand, image and reputation
CTLpack considers that one of the basic elements that contribute to the corporate image and reputation, is the establishment of responsible citizen relations in the environment where its activity is developed.


Respect for the Environment

CTLpack expresses its commitment to the environment, ensuring the greatest respect in the development of its activities, minimising any negative effects. Therefore, our employees, customers and suppliers must act diligently in compliance with the rules and procedures of the company in this area.


Alcohol and Drug Consumption

CTLpack prohibits the possession, consumption, or sale of drugs and alcoholic drinks, for personal ends as well as working under their influence within the company.


Order and cleanliness at work
It is essential to keep the workplace clean and tidy, with hygienic and suitable use of washrooms and common areas.


Patents and Author Rights

CTLpack will promote creativity among people in the organization and understands that it is necessary to protect rights and intellectual property that might apply to patentable inventions of any kind.


Money laundering and payment irregularities

CTL-TH Packaging will not collaborate with activities which might serve as a cover for terrorist or criminal activities.


Blackmail, gifts, and attention

People belonging to CTLpack will not be allowed to carry out practices of offering gifts or accepting blackmail or disproportionate gifts, which might lead to personal enrichment.


Use of company assets

CTLpack will make available to all our staff the means required to carry out their work and which must be used or consumed diligently, not making improper use of them for purposes other than strictly professional ones.


Conflict of interests
Situations must be avoided in which the personal interests of CTLpack employees, either directly, or indirectly, through relatives or friends, might come into conflict with the interests of the company, and this situation must be communicated should it occur.


Client Relations
All clients and consumers will be treated respectfully, fairly, honestly, and in accordance with the principles of the Group, seeking to satisfy client needs, providing competitive and quality solutions. Therefore, the company’s staff must maintain absolute secrecy and confidentiality of the information received from its customers.


Relations with suppliers

Relations with suppliers should correspond to a framework of mutual collaboration in order to facilitate the achievement of objectives by both parties, with a peer to peer treatment and always in accordance with the stipulations of our General Purchasing Policy and the current legal framework.


Compliance with rules and validity

This Code of Ethics establishes the principles and commitments of business ethics that the Group and its staff must respect and comply with in the exercise of their activities.

There is a procedure to report noncompliance with the Code of ethics and also an Ethics Committee whose operating regulations are set out in a separate document.

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