In 1964, Tuboplast Hispania S.A. was founded in Vitoria, Basque Country (Spain). Fifteen years later, the company starts the production of laminated tubes.


CTL Industries opens in Vichy, France, as the company’s second-largest facility. Four years later, in 1993, a sales office is established in Paris.


In 1998, Tuboplast Hispania obtains for the first time the ISO 9001 certificate. A year later, CTL Packaging & CTL Industries joined the recognition. In 2001, the company obtains the ISO 14001 certificate.


Tuboplast moves to the Miñano Technology Park (Vitoria) and three years later CTL Packaging & CTL Industries merge into CTL Packaging SAS.


In 2008, the CTL-TH Packaging group was formed, consisting of CTL Packaging and Tuboplast. Shortly after, Tapser, is taken over by the group.


CTL USA activity begins with the launch of ESTube technology. In 2015, ESTube is launched in Europe.


Estée Lauder Innovation Award presented to CTL-TH Packaging for its Easy Supply Tube technology


In 2020, KCE becomes a majority shareholder and a year later the company changes its name to CTLpack


CTLpack obtained EcoVadis certification in the Platinum category, the highest rating awarded to only 1% of the companies in the plastics sector evaluated worldwide, for their work in corporate social responsibility.

CTLpack is part of KCE (Kaizaharra Corporación Empresarial), a Basque Group that has holdings in leading companies in sectors such as aeronautics, security, automation, pharmaceuticals, special gases, protein powders and packaging.