KCE, owner of CTLpack Group, sells USA subsidiary to Icons Group and transfers manufacturing activities from Barcelona to CTLpack Vitoria

Sep 12, 2023


KAIZAHARRA CORPORACION EMPRESARIAL (KCE), owner of the CTLpack Group (formerly TUBOPLAST), has closed an agreement for the sale of 100% of the capital of its subsidiary CTLpack USA, located in Charlotte (North Carolina) to the ICONS Group. The agreement, finalized this week, includes the collaboration of the CTLpack Group to continue supplying components for the manufacture of cosmetic tubes, as well as technical assistance services.

The closure of CTLpack Barcelona (formerly TAPSER) took place on July 31, 2023, transferring the laminated tube manufacturing facilities to CTLpack’s plant in Vitoria. This transfer has already been carried out, and the manufacturing of laminated tubes at the Vitoria plant is now operational.

Both operations, the transfer of CTLpack Barcelona and the sale of CTLpack USA, in addition to the development of the investment and modernization plan that is in execution period, are part of KCE’s strategy to strengthen the position of CTLpack Group as one of the leading companies in Europe in cosmetic and pharmaceutical tube packaging. In this way, the design and technology capabilities of the Vitoria plant will be strengthened and the manufacturing capabilities of the Vitoria and Vichy – France plants will be modernized.